02 DEC 2022
How often should brands post on social media?

How often should brands post on social media?

You might be wondering, "How often should a business post on social media?"

The answer is: as often as you can.

That's right. You don't have to wait until you have 500 followers before you start posting content. In fact, it's counterproductive if you do. If a user likes your content and shares it, it makes their friends interested in the same type of content and they will likely follow your brand.

If you wait until someone has 500 followers before publishing anything, then when they start sharing it will be with people who have never heard of them before. This leads to a very small audience and low engagement levels.

However, if you start posting regularly and consistently over time then your audience will grow organically through word of mouth marketing.

If you run a business, chances are you've been asked this question before. But this is actually a very important question that deserves a very thoughtful answer.

How often to post on social media

The first thing you need to do is understand the purpose of social media for your business. What are you trying to achieve with it? Is it about building brand awareness or generating leads? Are you planning on creating specific content for each platform or do you want to share the same content across all platforms? If so, how will it be different?

Once you've figured out the answers to these questions, then it's time to figure out how often you should post on social media. The answer depends on the type of business that you have and what its goals are. As we mentioned above, there are two main types of businesses: those who use social media as their main marketing channel or those who use it as an additional marketing channel alongside paid advertising campaigns.

The key to effective social media marketing is consistency. Content that is timely and relevant, not only to your target audience but also to the industry, will deliver results.

Brands should post at least once every two weeks or so on social media, according to research from 2017 by Hubspot. The frequency of posts can vary based on the type of content you share and how you schedule the updates.

For example, if you're sharing top news headlines from local newspapers or breaking news updates from local TV stations, you might want to post updates more frequently than if you're sharing photos from a family vacation or a promotional giveaway for self-improvement books.

How many times a week should a business post on social media

The general rule is that the more times you post a day, the less time you should spend on it. The best way to keep track of your social media posts is to use a tool such as Hootsuite to schedule them.

That said, when you're first starting out, you may find that you're posting too much or not enough. The key here is consistency — as long as your brand is consistent with its messaging on social media, people will continue to follow your brand.

Unfortunately, there isn't one set answer to the question of how often a business should post on social media. A lot depends on the type of business and industry, as well as the preferences of the social media users who follow your business.