05 August 2022
Model Management Company in Delhi

Best Modeling Agencies in Delhi

A celebrity serves as the company's spokesman and verifies its claims and positions through endorsement, a method of brand communication, by lending the brand access to his or her persona, notoriety, social standing, or domain-specific knowledge. Traditionally, it was believed that celebrity endorsement would offer a clear differential in a market with a very high proliferation of local, regional, and international businesses.

But over time, numerous aspirant firms have hopped on this celebrity endorsement bandwagon. Even though sponsorships now have a status similar to that of an industry, few partnerships have been as wildly successful as any international brand. There are numerous causes for this to occur. This topic is covered in the section that follows.

  • • Attractiveness of the celebrity: An appealing endorser will enhance their endorsement. The endorser should possess qualities that appeal to the target market, such as good looks, intelligence, athletic prowess, and lifestyle. It has been established that a beautiful endorser has a higher probability of making the brand they support more memorable.
  • • Credibility of the celebrity: A celebrity's personal credibility is essential to the success of any brand-celebrity partnership. Here, "credibility" is defined by the public's perception of the celebrities' knowledge and dependability. The legitimacy of the celebrity has a significant impact on the acceptance with customers since celebrity endorsements serve as an external cue that helps consumers sort through the enormous brand clutter in the market.
  • • Meaning transfer between the Brand & the Celebrity: The brand and the celebrity must be compatible in terms of identity, personality, positioning in the market relative to competitors, and lifestyle for the brand-celebrity relationship to be successful. These are some of the compatibility criteria that must be met when a brand recruits a celebrity in order for the brand to benefit most from the partnership.

Magic Pencil is a hybrid digital creative agency with a 360-degree approach to advertising and branding. We know how celebrities and influencers can turn tables of a brand with the right kind of advertising and positioning. Celebrities or influencers can be used as the main brand building tool, but the catch here is to know how to position them strategically to enhance the image of the brand and create a trust among its audience. This is where Magic Pencil comes in the picture as the best modelling agency in India.

You can digitally market your brand in hundreds, if not thousands of creative ways on a shoe-string budget. If you find yourself stuck, this guide will help you take your brand from a nobody to a force to be reckoned with.

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